Stovall Family Association

The Stovall Family Association is a national not-for-profit organization and is organized for the following purposes:

To strengthen the ties of fellowship and kinship between living descendants of Bartholomew Stovall, the immigrant, who came to America in 1684;

To bring into contact all those persons who are genealogically, historically, or biographically researching Stovalls and allied families;

To maintain family unity to promoting regional and national Stovall family reunions;

To keep all members of the corporation fully informed of events and occurrences appertaining to the corporation by the publishing of a quarterly periodical or an appropriate newsletter as the Board of Directors my direct;

To unify all genealogical, historical and biographical research and publish same from time to time in the form of genealogies;

To determine ways and means of preserving family records, photographs, genealogies, and official documents of all types in a central location so as to facilitate continued genealogical research;

To provide genealogical aid to any Stovall descendant;

To further engage in any lawful activities for which nonprofit corporations may be formed.